Answers to Your Questions

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What is Blok?

Blok provides a unique combination of hotel-like amenities, like cleaning services and furniture, with the benefits of having your own apartment. This makes your long-term rental feel like home without the hassle. Located in quality neighborhoods in exciting cities, Blok is changing how you live.

How does Blok choose its rentals?

Through local real estate professionals, we find vibrant neighborhoods that are safe, comfortable, fun, and close to the action. Then we work with property owners to ensure specific rentals meet our high standards and expectations before listing it on our site.


How do I reserve a rental with Blok?

To rent a place, browse our site to find neighborhoods and locations you’d like to live. Then, when you’ve found the perfect place, call our rental experts 24/7 to begin reserving your private room.

How long until my rental is confirmed?

Once you’ve spoken with our rental experts, your rental is confirmed. You’ll receive an email notification right away. And if any issues or questions come up, just give our rental experts another call. They’re here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I check into a rental?

Before you can occupy your rental, we’ll need to verify your identity and complete some brief paperwork. This helps ensure all guests feel safe and secure when staying in a Blok property. Once this is done, you’re able to check in at the reserved time.

Do you do last-minute bookings?

Of course. To ensure unit availability, please call our rental experts ASAP to know which specific rentals are available near you.

When do you charge my credit card/bank account?

If you are staying for multiple months, we bill on the same day every month. For example, if you occupied the rental on the 6th, you’ll be billed the monthly rental rate on the 6th of every month thereafter.

Can I cancel a rental?

We try to be as accommodating as possible to our renters. Thus, we allow cancellations within 14 days notice. Read more here.

While You Stay

How will I enter my rental?

We use secure access codes and concealed keys to give you entrance into your rental. Information about this will be sent to you prior to your check-in date. This gives you flexibility about when you start your rental after your check-in time. If you have any problems, feel free to call our support team 24/7.

When can I move into my unit?

Normally, our move-in time is between 2pm-7pm.
For leases that are shorter than 3 months move-in time is noon and later the day your rental begins. When it’s time to leave, move-out is until 2pm. Please note that we do not offer leases that are shorter than 30 days.

What does my rental unit include?

Each rental unit comes with the following:

  • Your own entrance, fridge, and bedroom
  • Furnished kitchens and living areas
  • Clean sheets and housekeeping services
  • All utilities paid
  • TV, premium cable, and Netflix
  • High speed internet and Wifi

Are there rules I have to follow?

To keep our Blok units feeling like neighborhood communities, we ask that you not smoke in the unit and not have parties or loud noises. This ensures the comfort and safety of all guests. While some of our units are pet friendly, we ask that you check with the Blok rental experts before bringing pets to your rental. This helps us ensure anyone with allergies isn’t accidentally placed with someone who has a pet.


How can Blok help me increase rental income?

Through careful analysis of neighborhood values, rental trends, and other data points, we apply roommate matching service to ensure you’re always getting the most value from your rental. This helps maximize the amount of time your property is rented while helping tenants getting along together and forming a viable household and collaborative community.

Does Blok manage my rental?

Yes, Blok provides complete rental management services for your rental unit. This includes the following: managing reservations and billing, guest support, housekeeping, maintenance, marketing, and communicating with your guests. This means renting a property becomes essentially a hands-off experience for you when you partner with Blok.

What if I want to stay in my rental unit?

If you ever want to use the rental unit yourself, simply contact our support team. We’ll coordinate to make sure your unit is available and free from other bookings. We’ll also clean your home so you have the same high quality experience as all of our guests.

How much does it cost to partner with Blok?

Our reasonable management fees vary from location to location. However, our exclusive pricing and unit marketing models help our property owner partners earn higher returns than many would otherwise.

How do I know renters won’t cause damage to my property?

Before renters can occupy units, we make copies of their government issued IDs, take security deposits, and even make sure they send recent photos of themselves to ensure everything checks out.

We also obtain rental insurance through reputable agencies to ensure that if anything happens, your property value is safe.

When can I get started?

Simply visit our partners page and fill out the contact form. We’ll reach out to you from there to see if we’re a good fit.