Blok Membership

Your new home is waiting. Join the interest list today.


Your own private in-suite room with even more space. Includes personal kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bathroom.


No matter which Blok membership you choose, you’ll always get amenities to make your new digs feel like home.

Privacy & Comfort

Get your own entrance, fridge, and bedroom. No sharing private spaces (or fridges) with strangers.

Plug & Play Living

From kitchen set-up to a top-quality bed, Blok’s new units include everything you need to immediately feel at home.

Seamless Signup

No broker’s fee, no huge deposit, and no proof of 3 years rent – just pay a reasonable deposit and month-to-month rent via credit card. Then move in.

Dedicated WiFi

Get your own dedicated WiFi router to ensure high speed downloads, seamless streaming, and constant connectivity.

TV, Cable & Netflix

Every unit includes a TV and 12 months of Netflix on us. Oh, and did we mention you get premium cable?

Whiteglove Cleaning

Keep your place looking (and smelling) fresh. Our full-time Community concierge and housekeeping team clean your private space and common rooms weekly.

Simple Billing

We’ll cover all utilities like electricity, water, internet and more all in one simple bill. No unpleasant surprises here.

Flexible Living

Want to move into a different vacant space? Give us a day’s notice, and we’ll help make it happen. Month-to-month agreement lets you live on your terms.

Make it Your Own

Your place is your art. Decorate and completely design your suite how you want.